Fin Options: We do all major fin systems as well as glass-ons.

Epoxy vs Polyester: Our XPS cores have more buoyancy, flex and are far harder than PU blanks. The foam does not absorb water. Combined with a top-end UV stabilized epoxy, the system makes for a superior surfboard which lasts longer and performs better. Our team riders have proven this. XPS blanks are lighter than PU foam and can therefore be glassed with a heavier cloth for extra strength (aprox board weight 2.5 kg) or with 4 ounce for an exceptionally lightweight board (approx board weight 2 kg). Alternatively PU/Resin is a cheaper option and good for most types of entry and medium level surfboards where critical performance is not an issue.

Stringers: We offer most of our models with a variety of stringer glue ups from conventional to our Flying Vee Torsion tail, a first worldwide and proven by our pro riders.

Logo’s: Choose any combination or provide your own for original equipment manufacture.

Glassing: Various lay-ups are available on most of our models.

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